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Assisting With Guardianships / Interdictions

When loved ones can no longer make competent decisions for themselves, someone needs to take action. In these cases, an interdiction or guardianship can provide a spouse, child or other relative the authority to handle the affairs of a loved one who is no longer competent. To successfully obtain an interdiction and complete it as soon as possible, an accomplished lawyer needs to be involved in the process.

Attorney R. Scott Buhrer has represented numerous clients in interdiction/guardianship cases in Metairie and throughout the New Orleans metro area during his more than 30 years of practice. He uses his extensive understanding and experience with the interdiction process to help clients get the protection they need for their loved ones.

Obtaining An Interdiction For Someone You Love

The guardianship process in Louisiana is very complex. Some of the components that make this concept so complex include:

  • High standard of proof: Because a person’s authority to handle his or her own affairs is taken away in an interdiction, there is a very high burden of proof. The testimony of a doctor and possibly the testimony of other experts are vital to satisfying this burden.
  • Types of interdiction: Interdictions can range from partial to full. In a partial interdiction, only a person’s authority over physical or financial matters is removed. In a full interdiction, all authority of the person to act for him or herself is removed.
  • Curators: A curator will be appointed to handle an interdicted person’s affairs. An undercurator will be appointed to watch over the actions of the curator. Disputes can often arise between individuals vying for these positions.
  • Children: Interdictions can help anyone in need, ranging from children to aging parents with degenerative mental disorders.
  • Guardianships and conservatorships: These are the terms that some other jurisdictions use to refer to what Louisiana calls an interdiction.

While interdiction may be necessary to ensure the physical and financial well-being of a loved one, the interdiction process is often filled with emotion. For example, if aging parents have dementia, a symptom of their condition is often paranoia and they might turn on the children as they think the children are trying to harm them.

Mr. Buhrer understands the delicate nature of these situations, and he offers compassionate and straightforward advice to assist clients faced with these stressful circumstances.

Contact A New Orleans Interdiction Attorney

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