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Guiding You Through Succession/Probate

A succession is the legal process (called probate in other states) that distributes assets to heirs following the passing of a loved one in Louisiana. To ensure that the desired plans are in place for an orderly and simple succession, or that a succession is properly administered, it is important to have the assistance of an accomplished Louisiana attorney who specializes in this area.

Attorney R. Scott Buhrer provides the diligent representation that clients need in these situations. During his more than 30 years of practice, he has gained the skills and in-depth understanding of the succession or probate process that continues to benefit his clients today.

Successions Come In Two Kinds

There are two kinds of successions in Louisiana, testate and intestate. The main differences between these two are:

  • Existence of a will: When there is a will, the process is known as testate succession. When there is no will, the process is called intestate succession.
  • Instructions: When there is a will (testate succession), it spells out how property is divided and how all other affairs are to be handled. If there is no will (intestate succession), then state statutes determine how property is divided.
  • Administration: Testate succession will normally have an appointed executor named in the will. However, because there is no will in an intestate succession, someone must apply to the court to be named as the administrator, and frequently post a bond.

As a Metairie succession planning attorney, Mr. Buhrer can help with preparing wills, trusts and other estate planning matters, and with the prompt and cost-efficient administration of a succession.

Administrators Have Significant Responsibilities

The administrator/executor of a succession has many different duties during the probate process. These range from duties that must be carried out to satisfy the terms of a will to duties imposed by statute in an intestate succession. These can include:

  • Identifying and collecting all assets and liabilities involved in the succession
  • Handling tax matters for the succession
  • Transferring or selling real estate
  • Distributing personal property
  • Dealing with creditors
  • Addressing any claims from care facilities
  • Paying bills for final expenses

Mr. Buhrer is able to draw on his years of experience as a lawyer to help guide clients through the probate process as simply and efficiently as possible. If needed, he is also able to effectively deal with both challenges to and defenses of an administration.

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