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Dividing Property Between Divorcing Spouses

In Louisiana, the process of dividing property acquired during a marriage is known as a community property partition. The laws that govern community property issues are difficult to navigate, and an experienced lawyer is needed to ensure a favorable division of assets.

Metairie attorney R. Scott Buhrer uses the skills and knowledge he has acquired during his more than 30 years of legal practice to the advantage of his divorcing clients. Mr. Buhrer also works closely with skilled financial professionals, including CPA’s and other valuation experts, to obtain the best results for his clients in property partitions and other divorce issues. After thoughtfully assessing each client’s circumstances, he offers cost-effective advice that is designed to maximize the benefits his clients receive in the divorce process.

Providing Skilled Representation During The Complex Partition Process

Louisiana laws designate any assets acquired during a marriage, with limited exceptions, as community property. Each spouse is entitled to one-half (1/2) of the community assets and liabilities. Any property that a spouse brought to a marriage, was gifted or inherited is considered separate. This property stays with the spouse who brought it to the marriage unless it was commingled with community property.

Mr. Buhrer is able to help clients determine whether property has been commingled and provide professional and knowledgeable assistance with the complicated valuation process. Determining what constitutes half of the marital property is exceptionally complex when assets such as businesses, real estate and retirement accounts are involved.

Mr. Buhrer’s substantial knowledge and expertise in this area is the reason he is often appointed as a Special Master by courts and other family law attorneys in difficult and complex community property cases. The education he received while earning his Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree at Tulane University supplements his legal knowledge and uniquely qualifies him to provide clients with superior representation in these cases. This knowledge and expertise are supplemented by his close working relationships with:

  • Accountants
  • Financial analysts
  • Real estate appraisers
  • Other forensic experts

The extensive network of financial and asset valuation experts that Mr. Buhrer has built during his time as a Metairie community property attorney gives his clients the advantage they need in their divorce. This network coupled with the direct, personal attention that Mr. Buhrer offers provides clients the peace of mind they need when dealing with these difficult and often complex issues.

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