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When should you modify a child support agreement?

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2023 | Family Law

If you and your ex-spouse have kids, you will take care of them through child support. In Louisiana, the Child Support Enforcement section of the Department of Children & Family Service (DCFS) administers child support services. The state follows certain guidelines to determine how parents will pay child support based on their income.

However, in some situations, you may want to change the agreement. These include:

Loss of income

If you lose your job or move to a low paying one, you may not meet your child support requirements. To avoid getting into debt, it will help to request a modification. 

Increase in income

When you get a promotion, switch to a well-paying career or receive an inheritance, you may want to increase your contribution to child support to improve the standard of living of your kids.

Change in needs

Children’s needs change when they get older. For example, your child may join an extracurricular activity. Accordingly, you can increase your child support to handle these new expenses. 

Further, your child’s medical needs may change. For instance, their health insurance may increase, or they can have medical expenses not covered by the insurance, in which case you may need to increase child support. Your child attending a private or special school may also be grounds to raise child support.

Change in the primary home

If your kids were living with you but then moved to the other parent’s house, you may need to increase child support. This is because the other parent will handle the day-to-day needs you used to take care of. Conversely, you may request a decrease if they start living with you.

You can seek a child support modification if your circumstance changes. It will help to get professional guidance to avoid costly mistakes.