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Skilled As A Family Law Attorney And Special Master

As a Metairie family law attorney with more than 30 years of experience, attorney R. Scott Buhrer is able to assist clients with a wide range of family law issues. Mr. Buhrer, who has experienced divorce himself, brings compassion and understanding to every family law case he works on.

His skills and commitment to this area of the law have led many judges to appoint him as Special Master in family law cases. Oftentimes, in recognition of his skill and experience, his fellow family law attorneys themselves request that Mr. Buhrer be appointed Special Master in cases they are handling. In this role, he makes recommendations to the court, and if there are no objections filed, his recommendations become the ruling of the court. Only a few family law attorneys serve this prestigious function.

Some of the topics that Mr. Buhrer assists clients with include:

No matter what specific issue is involved, Mr. Buhrer provides a realistic outlook about what results are most likely to occur. He helps clients weigh the costs of their options, and he creates legal strategies designed with effectiveness and cost-efficiency in mind.

Relocating With Your Child

Mr. Buhrer also represents clients in relocation cases. Relocation issues arise when, following a divorce, a parent wants to move beyond a specific geographical distance from his or her former residence and brings the children with him or her.

Louisiana has one of the strictest relocation statutes in the country. Mr. Buhrer has a deep understanding of what procedures this statute requires to either move the children or prevent a former spouse from moving the children. At all stages of a relocation dispute, from giving notice to the other party to advocating for clients in court, Mr. Buhrer provides the knowledgeable and compassionate representation that is needed when handling these emotionally charged cases.

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