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In Divorce, An Experienced Lawyer Is Invaluable

While dealing with the complex divorce process involved in claims for child support, child custody, alimony and community property partitions, an experienced lawyer is an invaluable resource. For more than three decades, Metairie divorce attorney R. Scott Buhrer has served as the trusted advocate that clients need as they address the often difficult issues involved in ending their marriages.

Mr. Buhrer keeps clients up to date about their cases and takes the time to ensure his clients are able to make well-informed decisions. He provides the personal attention and individualized advice that clients need during this difficult time in their lives.

Divorce In Louisiana

Louisiana divorces fall into two categories, fault-based and no-fault divorces. Fault-based divorces require specific grounds and are available only in cases of adultery, or where one spouse is convicted of a felony and is sentenced to jail for more than one year. There are essentially two types of no-fault divorces. These include:

Article 102 divorces: Spouses file for divorce immediately. If minor children are involved, divorces are not granted until one year after the divorce petition is served. If minor children are not involved, a divorce can be obtained six months after the service of the petition.

Article 103 divorces: Spouses live apart for six months or one year and then file for divorce. If minor children are involved, the spouses must have been separated for at least a year before a divorce can be obtained. When there are no minor children, the couple only needs to be separated for six months.

Mr. Buhrer walks his clients through each of these options and offers advice about which one he thinks is appropriate given each client’s unique circumstances. When giving this advice, Mr. Buhrer draws on his years of legal experience and recognized extensive knowledge in the area of family law.

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