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Custody And Visitation For Parents Or Grandparents

Child custody and visitation rights are some of the most complex and emotionally charged issues that can arise in a divorce. With more than three decades of legal experience and compassion learned from his own divorce, attorney R. Scott Buhrer is well-equipped to help clients resolve these difficult issues. He will personally evaluate your case and provide individually tailored legal advice based on your specific circumstances.

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What Is The Difference Between Sole, Joint And Physical Custody?

In Louisiana, there are two types of legal custody, which is a separate and distinct issue from the time each parent spends with the children. The difference between these two types of legal custody is significant, because it affects who is in charge of making decisions for the children. The types of legal custody are:

  • Sole custody: In this situation, one parent has all of the decision-making authority.
  • Joint custody: Here, one parent is the primary decision-maker. This parent is required to consult with the other parent before making major decisions, but he or she ultimately has the final say. If the nonprimary parent does not like a decision, he or she must get the court involved to resolve the dispute.
  • Physical custody: The time each parent spends with the children varies based upon the specific facts of each case. Important factors include the history of child care responsibilities, the mental, physical and moral fitness of each party, and the distance between the parents’ residences.

You can rely on Mr. Buhrer to thoughtfully analyze your goals and your children’s best interests in order to help you vigorously pursue the custodial arrangement that works best for you.

Do Grandparents Have Visitation Rights In Louisiana?

Louisiana law only gives grandparents limited rights when it comes to spending time with their grandchildren. It is possible to petition the court for visitation rights, but in most cases, such rights are only granted in rare circumstances. Such circumstances may include a parent being incarcerated, the grandchild being abused by the parents or the death of a parent. Nevertheless, it is worth your time to consult a skilled attorney like Mr. Buhrer to learn if gaining legal visitation rights or even custody may be an option in your case.

What Happens If You Want To Move Out Of The State?

Even if you have the other parent’s permission to move away and change the visitation schedule, you must still obtain the court’s permission. Our firm can help you pursue a modification in order to legally relocate with your child. Likewise, if you object to the other parent moving away with your child, we can help you contest such a change. If necessary, we can take the matter to trial for you.

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