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Is your marriage really at an end?

On Behalf of | Dec 28, 2022 | Divorce

Many people consider divorce at this time of year. Yet how can you tell if it is just the holiday stress you are dealing with or if things really have reached the end?

Here are some ways you can help yourself to decide and then move forward if you are sure:

Think back to other years

Try and remember if you always find the end of year holidays a difficult time as a couple. It can be easy to blot out the bad memories and think that everything is normally great. The holidays are only a week long, so you must be sure your decision is right for the other 51 weeks too.

Wait a week or two

Wait until the holidays are over and things return to normality to make a more accurate assessment without the holiday stressors affecting your decision. You might feel you cannot wait another week, but unless abuse is an issue, a week is nothing in the scheme of things.

Find out more about how divorce works

If you feel like divorce is the answer, start doing some research. If you use the internet, you may want to clear your browser history, as your spouse discovering you have been searching for divorce advice could irrevocably change your marriage forever, even if you decide not to go ahead. Remember, the internet is full of advice that might be wrong or might be wrong for your particular situation. That’s why it is typically best to see legal help in person.