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What can cause a marriage to break down? 

Marriage is a serious commitment. Couples vow to spend the rest of their lives together. Thus, married couples often fight as hard as possible to make the relationship work. Sadly, this isn’t always possible and marriages can break down beyond repair.  What can cause...

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Expenses may go up after divorce 

When people get divorced, their income will often go down. For example, maybe both people worked, so they got used to living on two incomes. Getting divorced means that each person has to shift and begin living off of simply one income, which may be half as much money...

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How is a 401(k) handled during a divorce?

People who have worked hard to build up a retirement account enjoy the security of knowing they’ll have it to enjoy life. A divorce is one situation that can impact the money in these accounts. Unless both parties have retirement accounts of similar value, an account...

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How does divorce impact your credit?

Divorce, undoubtedly, can be an emotional rollercoaster. Yet, the emotional turbulence is often just one facet of a more significant, multifaceted ordeal. A particularly crucial, albeit often overlooked, aspect of divorce is its potential impact on credit. A deeper...

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Advice for the divorce conversation 

If you’ve decided that you want a divorce, you eventually have to have a divorce conversation with your spouse. This can be a very difficult talk, and it sets the stage for how the divorce will proceed, so it is very important. In order to help this go smoothly for...

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